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GB 144 Cell Pro Series

GB 144 Cell Pro Series

Product Details:


Product Description


  • Reduced Power Loss by reducing resistive losses in interconnection olf solar cells.
  • Increased shade otlerance by using bypass diodes and innovative series-parallel connection of strings
  • Superior price performance by increased efficiency adding to module power
  • Less hot spot by using half cut cells instead of full cells
  • improved heat dissipation using split type junction box
  • Higher output of module power by reducing cell to module power loss
  • Efficiency up to 19.56%
  • Range- 360M-386M
  • BIS Certified
  • Engineered to provide Excellent Low Light Response
  • Positive Power output for better ROI
  • Excellent anti-PID performance
  • 10% Higher Power Output compared to industry average polycrystalline module
  • Extremely Reliable Product suiting harsh environment conditions withstanding 2400Pa Wind load, 5400Pa Snow load and Dynamic Wind load